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About Us

Who we are, what we do and how we do it

Palermo Walks is an association for the promotion of Sicily founded in 2011, with the patronage of both the Sicilian Parliament and the City of Palermo. With us you will get to know the true Sicilian culture, history and nature according to the approach of experiential tourism: creating emotions. The emotions are driven by the people you meet, the places you visit, the activities and experiences you participate in and the all the memories created afterwards.

Whatever you are interested in –art, food, wine, culture, adventure, and anything else you want do in Sicily– Palermo Walks is your key to Sicily.

We are a community, not a business. We try and provide the best emotions to whoever is interested in deeply knowing Sicily, as we believe that the best way to fully experience a place is with local people who really love and know Sicily. The people who will accompany you are local experts, volunteers of our association, who love spending their free time showing the beauties of our land, Sicily, because they believe, because we believe, that everybody should promote their land according to their knowledge and experience.

What are our key points?

  1. We provide diverse experiences that match your particular interests.

  2. We create meaning through direct engagement of all senses.

  3. Emotions are personal, unique and individual for each of us. Thereby creating special memories.

Join our community!


Legal information

Palermo Walks is a registered association with number 97267620827 under the laws of Italy with headquarters in Via Messina Marine, 405 – 90123 Palermo, Italy.
Affiliated info point in Palermo: Virtus Viaggi, Via Maqueda, 260 - 90134 Palermo, Italy.

Palermo Walks is part of the Italia Walks group, based in Rome.

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